Get tasks out of your head and into a system!

We all know the feeling of having “still so much to do!” But often, that feeling is caused by not knowing exactly what it is that we need to do. Your brain is constantly trying to remember everything that’s on your to-do list. A handy to-do app puts you in control of your tasks. You get them out of your head and put them into a system.

Simple notes or an elaborate app

There are many ways to create to-do lists. Some people use simple notes, others use an app. The two most used apps are Microsoft Todo (previously Wunderlist) and Todoist.

I’m a big fan of both apps myself, but in the end, I chose Todoist. The free version offers more than enough options for the “casual planner”. And for the true productivity ninjas, there’s a paid version with endless options.

Available everywhere and lightning fast

The most important functionality of any to-do app to me is that you can add a task quickly and easily, so that it is moved directly out of your head and into a system. Todoist is available on all devices and gives you a way to add a task lightning fast. Thanks to the handy date recognition and the option to link the task to projects or labels with a hashtag, you can plan the task very quickly. You can even give a certain priority to a task, so that you get a neat list of things you still need to do.

If you want to be productive in your life, you can’t do without a good to-do app. For me, Todoist has become that app. Which app do you prefer?

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