What happens when you reply to spam?

Every day we receive large amounts of it: Spam emails with the weirdest offers. Usually, we throw them away casually. But what happens when you actually reply to them? James Veitch tried it out and found himself in an hilarious adventure.

Get tasks out of your head and into a system!

We all know the feeling of having “still so much to do!” But often, that feeling is caused by not knowing exactly¬†what it is that we need to do. Your brain is constantly trying to remember everything that’s on your to-do list. A handy to-do app puts you in control of your tasks. You get them out of your head and put them into a system.

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Your Age Counts!

This (Dutch) video is still one of my favorites on Vimeo. A simple experiment in which the creator went looking for people of all ages between 0 and 100. It paints a wonderful portrait of how you develop as an aging human.