About Me

When I crawled behind our old Commodore 64 as a 2-year-old toddler, it was clear that I would do something with information technology. Still,  my passion for IT goes further than just the technical side. I mainly focus on the impact of IT on the lives of people.

Simple products with great impact

After being a primary school teacher and having worked at an educational publisher for a decade or so, I now work as an implementation consultant for a scale-up in email security. In this capacity I consult large and small organizations about how to integrate secure email in their daily work. And in all these projects it always becomes clear how seemingly simple products still have a great impact on work processes.

Optimistic about the future

I mainly look at trends in IT and productivity, digital security and futurology. I’m optimistic about the future of mankind, with all these inventions that help us to enrich our lives even more. These are great times to be alive.


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