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How I fixed my problem with double keystrokes on Macbook Air 2018

I have a Macbook Air 2018, which I like very much. But it was showing more and more problems with certain keys on my keyboard. It would constantly repeat certain letters: whenever I pressed a key once, two letters would appear. This caused me to have to correct words and phrases a lot, and caused me to never comfortably type a lot of stuff on my Macbook.

Fortunately, I found an easy solution in a free little app called Unshaky. This app is easy to set up, will add a little repeat delay for the problematic keys and fix the issue with repeating letters almost entirely for me. I still need to tweak it a little bit, but it already works so much better than it used to be.

If you have this problem, try this app and set the delay for problematic keys to 40ms. And if that works for you, just like it did for me, make sure to donate to the developer. After all, not having to worry about double letters anymore seems to be a small matter, but you’ll find that it’s actually a huge improvement in your productive life!

Fun fact: Unshaky caught 18 instances of double letters during the writing of this post ?.

Get tasks out of your head and into a system!

We all know the feeling of having “still so much to do!” But often, that feeling is caused by not knowing exactly¬†what it is that we need to do. Your brain is constantly trying to remember everything that’s on your to-do list. A handy to-do app puts you in control of your tasks. You get them out of your head and put them into a system.

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