Category: Projects

The challenge at was to present a huge selection with tens of thousands of holiday homes in a nice and easy way. New homes had to be added automatically based on export files from partners, and advertisers needed a way to easily order advertisements through PayPal.

With a custom CMS this all became possible, and the site now runs wonderfully. You really feel like going on holiday :).

Twine Jewelry

Joris Sparenberg had a unique vision: allow people to create custom jewelry based on two names that they wanted to intertwine forever! Together with programmer Sietse Dijkstra I transformed this idea into a stylish website named Twine Jewelry, with a unique application to let customers design their jewelries themselves!

Two passionate entrepreneurs wanted to create a platform for daycare workers, to help them train their knowledges about protocols. I’ve designed and developed for them, which is now used by many daycare workers in the Netherlands.