Category: Projects

YouTube ChannelCrawler

For YouTubers, it’s a big challenge to find interesting channels for inspiration or collaboration. That’s why I created the “YouTube ChannelCrawler“. Through a spiderweb model, millions of channels are indexed very quickly, after which you can find them based on different search criteria. This makes the ChannelCrawler an indispensable addition to the search options on YouTube itself.

Team Talento

With two enthusiastic entrepreneurs, I developed and launched Team Talento back in 2014. This is a platform with video workshops for primary education, on which kids can discover and develop their creative talents.

For this project, I took care of development, content and marketing, and I still work on it on a daily basis to this day. Currently, over 10.000 teachers in the Netherlands use Team Talento. I’m very proud of that fact.

Rechtswinkel Tilburg

The Rechtswinkel Tilburg (non-profit organization for free legal aid) could use a new website, with a fresh, inspiring layout. I created a WordPress website which did credit to their dedication and hard work for society. I’ve also created an online appointment system and case reporting system for them.

Stal de la Vigne

When I visited horse breeding farm Stal de la Vigne and talked with the owners, I immediately noticed that their love and passion for horses shined through in everything they did. That’s why I also made that the focus of their website, on which every horse is presented in a beautiful way.


Schoolplan was a big job, which I executed in collaboration with  Inpoint and Webics. This system provides school managers and boards with a way to create, present and keep track of policies and plans.

Because of the great collaboration, we were able to release this huge project in less than two months.